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Thursday, 6 May 2010, 12:00 | Author : Kricket
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If you are preparing to style your cosplay wig, we recommend purchasing some important tools before you get started. While many of these tools can be purchased from local beauty stores and wig shops, the simplest method is ordering all of your supplies online  from our favorite cosplay wig specialist: Petting Zoo Wigs.  Below, we have listed several products that can assist you in the styling and caring of your wigs.

Mannequin Head

The most accessible way to store a wig is to place it on a styrofoam mannequin head. Each mannequin head has a large hole in the neck, allowing you to secure it safely on a wig stand. While these tools allow you to display, store, and maintain your wig, we do not recommend leaving your wig on a mannequin head when styling it.  Due to the fact that a mannequin head is much smaller than a human head, our wigs often become short and disproportionate.  You might want to ask  a friend to model your wig on their head, while you cut it to the appropriate length.

Wig Stand

Wig stands stabilize your mannequin head by clamping onto the edge of a table. You can rest assured that your mannequin head will not fall over due to the uneven weight of your wig.

Quilting Pins

If you are worried about your wig falling off of the mannequin head or you just want to secure your wig, you can place quilting pins through the wig and into the mannequin head. Since quilting pins are made with a large colored ball on the tip, they will be easier to find when you wish to remove them.

Wig Caps

Nylon wig caps serve two purposes: To conceal your natural hair and to provide an anchor point for your wig. Obviously, the shorter your natural hair, the easier it will be to put on a wig cap. If you have longer hair, there is a technique for coiling hair on top of your head prior to wearing the wig cap.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins hold everything in place; they are useful for controlling your hair before you wear a wig cap and securing the wig cap to your head. A proper hair pinning will ensure that the wig stays on your head throughout the day and feels more natural.  If your wig shifts around when you wear it, you should double check the placement of your bobby pins.

Mebco Pocket Brush

As you wear your wig, the fibers will slowly become disarrayed and tangled. A pocket brush is the best tool for removing these knots. Unlike natural hair, you should start brushing your wig near the base of the scalp (rather than working your way up from the bottom); this will remove less fibers in the long run.

Hair Thinner/Scissors

Although you could trim your wig using the scissors you have around the house, a hair thinner will make the cut edge of your wig appear softer. This item is available online at Texas Beauty Supplies.

Lint Roller

When cutting your wig, you should prepare yourself with a lint roller.  Otherwise, your clothes and floor will become covered with synthetic fibers.

Caulk or Styling Gel

The most popular method used to emulate extreme hairstyles is the use of Clear Caulk –  a type of waterproof bathroom glue. As an example, you can create pointed tufts of hair by placing small portions of glue at the base and pointed ends of each hair tuft.  The glue will dry within one day and dramatically stiffen your hair.  Despite the effectiveness of caulk, we encourage cosplayers to useless permanent methods of wig styling.  Once your wig is glued into a specific design, the fibers will begin to frizz and tangle within a few days of heavy use. To extend the life of your wig, we recommend washing and combing your wig at the end of each convention – this will require you to use water-soluble products such as Schwarzkopf Got2b Spiked-Up.

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