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Monday, 18 January 2010, 15:19 | Author : Kricket
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2010 New Year’s Resolution:  Overcome the Imperfections of the Human Body.

The new year offers us a time of change and I have decided that this year I want to become an alien.  In light of the new Avatar movie, I would like to declare this the Year of the Blue Alien.  Just consider the cosplay possibilities:  Shiva (Final Fantasy), Zelgadis (Slayers), Gunther (KKM), Mystique (X-Men), Captain Planet (Captain Planet).  I’m already planning my own blue alien cosplay for this year’s Fanime (the specifics of which I will wait to reveal) even though I’m having trouble assembling a willing cosplay group, which saddens me.

My plans continue (nevertheless) and I still have to solve my most difficult dilemma:  I don’t have blue skin.  Although I have previously cosplayed blue-skinned anime characters using generic creme makeup from Halloween stores, it has provided me with frustrating results.  With creme makeup, I cannot touch my face and it always, inevitably, rubs off onto my costume.  The only alternative I have discovered is to apply make-up with an airbrush, which is actually one of the most effective forms of makeup application.  The application of paint using an airbrush allows the makeup to stay on longer, resist smudging, and appear flawless.  ?

I recently purchased an Iwata airbrush as well as makeup from Ben Nye, a renowned theatrical makeup company.  Ben Nye provides a variety of products for airbrushing, including MagiColor Liquid Paint, Final Seal makeup sealer and Hydra Cleanse makeup remover.  I will be experimenting with these items during the upcoming months and I will upload pictures of my progress.  Should you attempt airbrushing at home, you must understand there are risks involved.  You should only select paints and airbrush tools intended for human use and you should protect your eyes, mouth, and nose during facial applications.

Now go enjoy the transformation!

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