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Thursday, 6 January 2011, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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Wigs greatly compliment any costume, but their authenticity is ruined when you can see strands of your own hair poking out beneath the wig.  We always recommend that cosplayers wear wig caps underneath the actual wig as a way of holding it in place.  It is important, however, not to shove your hair underneath the wig cap, because this technique often results in a visible bulge atop your head.  In this tutorial, we have provide step-by-step directions for controlling and containing your hair underneath a wig cap by “reducing” the volume of your hair and evenly distributing it across your head.

YOU WILL NEED: wig cap, bobby pins, spray bottle
Start by dampening your hair.  You can either take a shower or use a spray bottle to reduce the volume of your hair.  (This will be especially useful for those of you who have naturally thick and full hair.)
Begin twisting a small section of hair, beginning at the top of your head.  Twist all the way down to the end of the strand and continue twisting until the strand begins to twist upwards near the roots.  At this point, distribute the strand across the top of your head and apply bobby pins to keep it in place.
Continuing with the same side and work your way backwards, using hair that is above the ear.
If you have long hair, bend the tips back towards the originating roots, so that they do not interfere with hair that you have not yet twisted.
Continue the same process on the other side, still only working with the top of your head.
Once the top of your head is secure, begin twisting the underlying strands at the back of your head.  These stands should also be evenly distributed, but may also rest across the top of your head.
You may have small tufts of hair escaping your bundle, but these can be tamed with  more water or bobby pins.  Once your hair pinning is finished, you may blow dry your hair (for maximum comfort) or immediately pull on the wig cap.  Hold the edge of the wig cap securely at your forehead, while a friend pulls the opposite edge over your bundled hair to the base of your skull.  Secure the wig cap to your hair by piercing it with bobby pins.
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