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Tuesday, 25 August 2009, 21:18 | Author : Kricket
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Recently, I’ve been trying to answer the question, “How do I transport my wigs to and from the convention center?”  As you can see from the picture above, my most recent solution was to throw my wigs (and wig supplies) in a box and pack the car to make sure nothing would fall on top of it.  This solution is only viable if you are driving to the convention.  How do you pack if you are flying?

The easiest way to transport a straight wig is to place it in a large ziplock bag, which you can then pack into your suitcase.  For styled wigs, you are packing to maintain the wig’s shape and structure.  This summer, I began storing my wigs on mannequin heads (which can be mounted on wig stands), but I am running into the problems that mannequin heads take up a lot of space, have to be hand-carried, and don’t protect the wig.

When I asked my favorite wig-guru, Katie Bair, how she transports her wigs she responded:

For more ‘crushable’ designs, put them on a foam head, net them, loosely put a bag over them, then pack them in a box with foam peanuts.  The best option is to ship them ahead of you (many hotels will allow this, and it’s cheaper than paying for another piece of checked luggage…), but if you won’t have anyone to receive the package, then consider packing all of your costume this way, and using a large box as your checked baggage.

Although I would never have thought of foam peanuts on my own, I still wince when I think that my Re-L cosplay wig would have foam peanut friction even at the very tip of her cat-like points.  In order to avoid the foam peanuts, I moved a step in the direction of carry-on luggage.  Oddly, it now makes sense that you can buy wig suitcases online:

This side-loading suitcase almost does the trick, but consider the following questions:  “Will the mannequin head be securely fastened, or will it move around?” and “Will up-dos fit in such a small space?”.  The perfect wig case would open at the top, have a secure mannequin stand, and have a lot of head room for spikes.  Well, I did look around for such a case and you’ll be glad to know I found what I’d been looking for:

These hat boxes can be found online in varying colors and sizes (I prefer 12″x13″).  They are more of a vintage item; i presume they were a result of the top hat era.  With luck, as soon as we develop our cosplay products and install an online shopping cart onto our website I will do what I can to make large hat boxes available to you guys.

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