The Selection Process

Thursday, 18 March 2010, 10:00 | Author : Kricket
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Every year, it seems that we encounter the same dilemma.  We must decide whether we will cosplay individually or with a group.  If we decide upon a group cosplay, then we still have to discuss which series we will cosplay and bestow the privilege of cosplaying the main character.  In considering alternative methods for this process, I have decided that we should start holding cosplay auditions (essentially a cosplay photo shoot) before we start working on our costumes.

I propose that during these “auditions,” group members would assume the poses and facial expression of various characters.  These pictures would be compared with a reference picture to determine which character most closely resembles each group member.  Unfortunately, this process does not take into account the emotional attachment we may have to specific characters, but I would be happy if it provided us with an opportunity to assess our physical characteristics and provide for a more authentic cosplay experience.

As the years progress, I’m beginning to better understand my physical characteristics.  I often struggle to smile authentically, which means I can appropriately cosplay young, brooding, and stoic male characters.  In contrast, Amitie most accurately portrays young, carefree male and female characters.  Each of these traits can be utilized, as long as each cosplayer is aware of how their physical characteristics affects his or her cosplay performance.

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