The Price We Pay

Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 12:00 | Author : Kricket
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If you attend anime conventions for leisure, it can easily become an expensive hobby.   Consider for a moment the cost of each anime convention, including parking, admission, food, hotel room, dealer’s room, and even the materials for your costume.  But instead of letting these expenses spoil your weekend, you should consider different methods for saving money (e.g buying cheap food, parking on the street, and purchasing costume materials at the Goodwill).

There is one cost, in particular, that everyone acknowledges as a waste of money: the hotel room.  When I attend conventions, I purchase hotel rooms that are connected directly to the convention center because it enables me to stay up late, be at the heart of the activity, relax intermittently, and drop things off at my room.  The problem is that only large corporate hotels link with convention centers and hotel prices can range from $90 – $200 per night. My friends and I often share the hotel room to reduce our overall expenses.  I also expect the highest quality of service from the hotel staff.

Last year at FanimeCon, my friends and I decided to take advantage of the valet service for the first time.  Since Janet arrived at the convention before the rest of us, she left her luggage in the care of the valet before parking her car five blocks away in a free parking garage.  When she returned to the hotel room, her luggage was on the bed and she had no reason to suspect that anything was wrong.  It took us a few hours to realize the valet had misplaced two pieces of her cosplay outfit.  It took the hotel staff an additional 24 hours to locate the items in one of their service rooms.  The most frustrating part was that we didn’t even receive compensation for their mistake.  When you consider that hotel rooms cost in excess of $300, the hotel staff should haven taken better care of our priceless personal belongings and provided us with a relaxing and carefree weekend.

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