Straightening Wigs

Thursday, 19 May 2011, 8:00 | Author : Janet
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The following method uses high-temperature water to melt your wig for the purpose of “unstyling”.  This is one of many ways to manipulate your wig using heat.  We would like to give credit to Katie Bair for developing this styling method.

YOU WILL NEED: mannequin head, wig stand, quilting pins, saucepan, meat thermometer, conditioner, and comb.

The mannequin head should be propped upright on a stand in a bathtub (Katie recommends a 2-liter bottle filled with water); the wig should be pinned in place using round-headed quilting pins which are easier to remove.

Heat water to 180-184ºF.

In the meantime, pour conditioner on the crown of the head.

Once the water has reached the proper temperature range, slowly pour it on the wig until it becomes soaked.  Be careful not to splash any water on yourself.

At this point, the hair should be hanging relatively straight, but must be allowed to air dry completely before it is combed.  Do not panic if your wig appears more than a little stiff.

Although this method is quite simple, we have found that the most difficult step was finding a stand that would be compact, sturdy, and easy to dry.  Traditionally, a wig stand refers to a table-mounted clamp that is quite impractical for use in a bathtub.  After experimenting with water buckets and wooden dowels, our best solution involved mounting a sturdy 3-foot pipe to a heavy plastic cutting board.  Go to your local hardware store and get creative!
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