Seasonal Photography: Winter

Friday, 27 November 2009, 20:00 | Author : Kricket
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There is something mystical about snow that takes you to another world – especially when you live in a town that never gets below 40° F.  This winter, you should plan a trip to the mountains so you can cosplay in the snow – but remember to keep yourself warm!

Fantasy series, of course, lend themselves best to snowy environments.  I love Tolkien’s description of elves being so graceful that they do not leave footprints in the snow.  However, even elves can feel the cold weather.  No matter how forest-savy your character might be, if you want them to appear natural in their environment, I recommend they wear a hooded cloak and boots.  San from Princess Mononoke would make an exciting cosplay posing in the snow with blood covering her face.

In contrast, there are definitely some characters that look very attractive when they appear out of place in snowy landscapes.  Many artists choose to draw a beautiful anime girl standing alone in the snow while wearing a long sleeve turtleneck and short skirt.  This concept was developed in Fred Gallagher’s  web comic, Megatokyo.  Since the appeal stems from the vulnerability of the character, I believe young children could pull off the same effect (e.g. Taiki from Twelve Kingdoms).

Truthfully, the most breath-taking snow cosplay photos I have seen contained female characters with long, elegant dresses.  I recommend wearing velvet for these surreal pictures because it looks especially warm in contrast.

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