Seasonal Photography: Fall

Friday, 21 October 2011, 12:00 | Author : Janet
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Autumn is the twilight of the seasons.  In this time of transition, plants bask in a full radiance of color only to be promptly consumed by death.  This season embraces opposites–warm, cold, bright, dark– and will provide you with a range of photo opportunities, depending on the overall mood and composition you desire.

For a warmer photograph, you might compliment the brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges of the trees with dark-toned fabrics.  This romantic setting is perfect for portraying a sense of warmth and intimacy.  Whenever possible, stick with heavily forested areas, whether city parks or densely wooded backyards.  You might also take advantage of the setting sun to illuminate your pictures with golden light.

For a colder photograph, you might wait for the leaves to die and backdrops of earthy, neutral tones.  The skeletal remains of leaves are a perfect representation of the decay caused by your character. Although it is trickier, you might also experiment with rainy backdrops to reflect the inner pain and sorrow of your character.  The only challenge is finding a strong enough light source to illuminate your costume rather than dispersing the light across the falling rain drops.

Fall is my favorite season because of its versatility.  The change in weather stirs all sorts of emotions as the leaves alight with color and then promptly shift to winter’s desolation.  I encourage you to experiment with the warm/cold and intimate/desolate polarities inherent within this season.  I’ve also included some photographs below that might inspire your own cosplay photography.

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