Safety Considerations for Prop Guns

Thursday, 22 December 2011, 8:00 | Author : Janet
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Within the convention environment, one of the most controversial topics is whether cosplayers should use seemingly-realistic guns as props.  In order to bring about such a large event with a high volume of pedestrian traffic, these non-profit organizations have legal and moral obligations toward the safety of the public.  To this end, convention staff set up peace bonding stations (the inspection and tagging of your prop) to enforce predetermined prop guidelines.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any universal standard between anime conventions and each convention writes their own policies.  Now, how strictly these policies are enforced depends entirely on the mood and attitude of each staff member (You will benefit from getting to know your local organizers.)  But the following list highlights some of the policies we’ve encountered:

  • The gun must be recognizable as a prop from more than 50 yards away (far enough for a police officer to tell the difference).
  • The gun must have an orange tips that marks it as a prop.
  • The firing mechanism must be disabled.

As you begin to work on your props, please remember to refer to the websites of your local conventions.  Although you may be tempted to rely upon disarmed projectile guns (BB, Airsoft, or Nerf) as a base for your prop, we’ve encountered staff that said even some Nerf models are unacceptable because of their resemblance to real guns.  If you want to more easily pass inspection, you would be better off building a prop gun from scratch.

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