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Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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Word about the SacAnime party must have gotten out because this convention was bursting at the seams with attendees. Although the hallways were packed with anime fans who sought respite from the bitterly cold temperatures, it was obvious that everyone was happy to be there and clearly appreciated this off-season convention.

I have never before attended an anime convention during Christmas break – which strikes me as odd. The holidays would provide plenty of time for last-minute touch ups on cosplay costumes.  And, as this convention can attest, even cold weather won’t stop die-hard enthusiasts from wearing skimpy outfits in public.

I’m impressed that the event organizers are capable of hosting a bi-annual convention while keeping the atmosphere fresh. Events and guests alike are aptly maneuvered, rotating through some unseen cycle. This time around, SacAnime presented two new events, J-Fashion Runway and Singles Speed Dating Meet and Greet; taking the place of the sadly missed Maid Café and their only video room.

I was also excited to see the award-winning international cosplayer, Yaya Han, invited as a guest speaker. Her dedication and enthusiasm for cosplay were made apparent as she shared her costumes, stories, and pictures in each of her panels: Cosplay Construction Essentials, International Cosplay, and Cosplay Presentation. To my ever-mounting excitement, she convinced Pikmin Link to join her as a special guest at the International Cosplay panel and together they reminisced on the differences between American cosplay and the cosplay cultures of Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Finland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. When Yaya wasn’t hosting a panel, she could easily be found in the dealer’s room if you wished to get her autograph or ask her questions.

It is clear that SacAnime is evolving into something bigger, but I wonder how they will respond to their growing attendance in the coming years. It is likely that they will continue to emphasize their high-profile guests, even at the cost of their video/panel rooms – which isn’t horrible, just atypical. The atmosphere seems to be one of general merriment and socialization rather than innoculation into the current anime trends. Perhaps SacAnime can develop a unique convention model – one that already seems to be filling a niche in the Sacramento region.

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