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Sunday, 5 September 2010, 21:41 | Author : Kricket
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SacAnime is one of those conventions that you could attend for one day and confidently say that you have seen everything.  Despite its small size, this convention is home to local talent, such as wig stylist Katie Bair and cosplay model PikminLink, and manages to draw big name voice actors such as Steve Blum, Ali Hillis, Liam O’Brien, and Mari Iijima.  Likewise, it is the only convention where I have been able to see Team LoveHate‘s Itasha anime-decal cars.

So you must be asking, what classifies this as a small anime convention?  The most obvious marker is the number of panel/video rooms… which they only have one of each.  However, what really stands out is the size and layout of the hotel where the convention is hosted.  For the past two years, Sacanime has taken residence at the Radisson Hotel.  Admittedly, this hotel has beautiful landscaping including a coy pond, gazebos, and multiple fountains.  But once indoors, the convention becomes one long hallway.  Although this can provide an intimate setting to socialize with local fans, I have always found that the greatest fun lies in being able to explore the convention site.

I was also disappointed to learn that Katie Bair would not be hosting a panel–last year she gave advice on “Turning your Hobby into a Business.”   The only costume-themed panel was titled, “Lolita Fashion 101”.  However, this does not mean that SacAnime has not made some improvements over the years.  This year, they managed to procure both a wig booth, Epic Cosplay Wigs, and a contact lense booth, Media Collectibles, in the dealer’s room.  They also scheduled some new events such as the performative–albeit foodless–Maid Cafe and a professional photo booth.

Despite my unprovoked criticism, SacAnime is growing rapidly.  I can see it in the size of the dealer’s room and the expansion of SacAnime into the hotel’s hidden courtyards.  This being said, I will be very disappointed if Sacanime doesn’t upgrade to a new hotel by next September.  They should also provide more video and panel rooms if they hope to someday rank among the nation’s largest anime conventions.

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