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Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 12:00 | Author : Kricket
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Although wigs can be made from human hair, synthetic fiber wigs are the most common and the least expensive. You can expect to purchase a wig for about forty dollars; however, price is not always a good indicator of quality. Rather, we wish to teach you how to recognize a quality wig based upon a written description and visual clues.

Check the Scalp

The best wigs have a built-in latex scalp, which creates an illusion of natural skin. These types of wigs will generally allow you to adjust the part-line an inch to either side.

Assess the Volume

Carefully examine all angles of the wig before purchasing. Although, many online shops take front and back views of their wigs, many shops will pull the entire length of the hair either forward or backward to create the illusion of a thicker wig. Side shots will give you the best perspective on the hair’s volume.

Consider your Hair Style

For complicated styles where the hair needs to be pulled in a specific direction (ponytail, braid, pigtails, or spikes) you will need to look for a thick wig. Keep in mind that if you try to style a straight haired wig into an up-do, this may leave empty patches and loose tufts of hair at the back of the wig, taking away from the appearance of your costume.

Modifying your Wig

When purchasing wigs, try to select one that is already colored and styled to resemble your character. This will simplify your life. That is not to say that modifications can’t be made, but rather you will end up spending a much longer time preparing your wig if it does not already resemble your character’s hair. If you purchase a wig that is not quite the right color or just a little too wavy, that’s fine, as long as you purchase the right tools for modifying synthetic fibers.

Where to Shop

When you begin your online wig search, you will save a lot of time by visiting our recommended sellers: CosplayWigs, Cosworx, Cosplay.com and Amphigory.  We have purchased wigs from these stores before and they meet our high-quality standards.

Return Policies

Remember, wigs cannot be returned once you buy them – It is a health regulation. If you are hesitant to purchase a wig, ask the seller a question or request additional pictures. You are the customer, so don’t be afraid to get as much information as possible before you invest in a wig.

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