Purchasing Cosplay Shoes

Thursday, 28 July 2011, 8:00 | Author : Janet
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When building a costume, it is easy to forget about your shoes until weeks before the convention.  Even with sufficient planning, shoes provide unique challenges given their shape, texture, coloring, and purpose.  If you decide to purchase shoes from a thrift store, you’ll be lucky to find a decent pair after hours of shopping and it will never fully compliment your costume.  If you decide to build your own shoes, you could spend hours designing a pattern, shopping for materials, and constructing your shoes.

Nevertheless, shoes are an integral part of any costume.  They should not only provide relief and comfort during four days of intense walking, but they should also enhance the overall look of your costume.  But with so many details on which to focus, you might be wondering how you might complete your costume on time.

The answer is simple—purchase your shoes from a specialized dealer and focus on the remainder of your costume!  I recently discovered a China-based company, Cosplay Boots, which offers hundreds of shoes to compliment a wide-range of anime and video game costumes.  Although I can’t yet vouch for their reliability, I hope to purchase many shoes from them in the future.  Assuming the shoes are as high quality as they appear, they could save me hours of work for a moderate price!

In the comments below, tell us where do you shop for cosplay shoes?  Do you find it easier to buy your shoes or make them at home?

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