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Wednesday, 11 November 2009, 22:00 | Author : Kricket
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I can imagine that many people will read the title of this post and develop a vendetta to prove me wrong.  I understand that with enough determination and self-esteem, one can cosplay pretty much anywhere.  However, it is important to remember that in some locations individuals must conform to safety regulations and corporate rules.

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Although Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom is visited by people from all around the world, it is one of the few locations where cosplayers are not always welcome.  Granted, the moment that the creators of Final Fantasy (SquareEnix) teamed up with the established American cartoon franchise (Walt Disney) to create a new video game, Disneyland theme park should have forfeited all assumed cosplay rights within their premises.  With half the Disney characters on location, Disneyland Theme Parks are one of the most exciting places to cosplay the ever popular Kingdom Hearts – in which Sora holds the key to every Disney world.

Fighting Dreamers Pro posted pictures and video on YouTube of their Kingdom Hearts adventure in Disneyland:  Kingdom Hearts Cosplay in Disneyland II.  Although they appeared to have a lot of fun, Sora and Roxas were eventually asked to change out of their costumes because “they were being mistaken as staff”.

Being mistaken as a hired Cast Member is a legitimate security and liability concern for Walt Disney with so many young children around.  But doesn’t it seem like parents and children should be able to distinguish whether or not a costume resembles a Disney character?  Granted, there are some movies that Disney pretends not to have made (such as Treasure Planet and Atlantis), but Disney characters are fairly recognizable icons.

There is a forum on, Cosplaying Disneyland, which tries to answer whether or not one can or should cosplay at Disneyland.  From their comments, users suggest you can increase your chances of “being allowed” to cosplay by not cosplaying Disney characters – or simply cosplay on Halloween when costumes are encouraged.

Although some people have cosplayed in Disneyland, the park staff seems to have mixed responses.  It’s definitely not impossible, but it still may not be a smart idea.  However, if I were trying to cosplay in Disneyland, I would check out all the good photo spots on the first day, return early the second day in costume to get some awesome photos, change out of my costume, then enjoy the rest of my time in the happiest place on earth!

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