Places You Can’t Cosplay II

Thursday, 24 June 2010, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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I can imagine that many people will read the title of this post and develop a vendetta to prove me wrong.  I understand that with enough determination and self-esteem, one can cosplay pretty much anywhere.  However, it is important to remember that in some locations individuals must conform to safety regulations and corporate rules.

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Nowadays, banks have heightened security features because terrorists are apparently running rampant.  It is obvious why no one wants a masked person inside a bank.  I get that.  I can even understand how wearing a costume in a bank would seem suspicious.  But when did taking photographs outside a bank become a security issue?

When Amitie and I cosplayed Suikoden V, we decided to take some pictures in front of a low-traffic building which had a sunburst high above the door.  Considering that my character was the bearer of the Sun Rune, I felt this symbol would make a perfect backdrop.  I started posing on the steps of the building and within two minutes a man stood at the door and stared at us.  Being confused by his presence, I took a step towards him.  He simply continued to stare at me and wagged a finger.  We later found out that the building was a bank.

If the bank had been bustling with customers, I could understand how our presence would upset the management.  However, the street was devoid of people and it was clear that my positioning would not block anyone from entering.  So I have to ask myself, why couldn’t we cosplay there?  Did they think we were terrorists?  Did they think we were scaring away business?  Did they not want their beautiful architecture in our absurd photograph?  Whatever the reasons – if you are going to take pictures in front of a bank, you’d better be quick about it.

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