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Thursday, 25 February 2010, 14:00 | Author : Janet
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My first cosplay snapshot reveals an avid cosplayer by the name of “Pikmin Link.”  This woman has cosplayed for over twelve years and works as a professional cosplay modeler.  She has been featured in several magazines (i.e. Nintendo Power and Cosplaymix) sporting a variety of cosplay costumes; however, she is most recognized for her Legend of Zelda costume collection.

Pikmin Link’s costumes are meticulously professional.  From her majestic props to her suede fabric and lithe body, this cosplayer knows costumes. Pikmin Link has attended conventions in three different countries as a special guest and as such, she is a prominent U.S. cosplayer.

To support her cosplay career, her father works as a professional photographer, traveling to conventions and offering photoshoots.  I have also heard that he assists Pikmin Link with her prop building—in her defense, my dad provides me with the same service.  Nevertheless, Pikmin Link has utilized her social capital to become one of the most famous cosplayers in the industry.

Although Pikmin Link and I have spoken before, I’m not sure that she would remember me.  I am a proficient cosplayer, but (admittedly) a little intimidated by her serious demeanor.  I would love to sit down with her and learn about her costuming techniques; she is dedicated to cosplay excellence and she knows what it takes to be a professional cosplayer.

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