My First Cosplay

Sunday, 31 October 2010, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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I remember when my older brother first started watching Japanese cartoons.  He and his friend would turn on Sailor Moon and spend the entire episode mocking its every element.  Of course, I was sitting there with them and following my brother’s lead.  It would take me a few months to realize, however, that I actually enjoyed watching this cartoon style called “anime”.

As I became an avid fan of Sailor Moon, I naturally started looking for white and black cats to cross my path that could tell me I was a chosen warrior.  It is difficult to know which Sailor Scout I was supposed to be without one of the guardian cats revealing it to me.  However, it didn’t take long for Amitie to be named Princess Serena (since she already owned a white and black cat).  I chose to become Sailor Jupiter and Janet, likewise, was Sailor Venus.

We were ten years old when we started cosplaying Sailor Moon.  It followed naturally that we should assume the identity of our chosen Sailor Scout in our everyday life.  As Sailor Jupiter, I started collecting rose earrings (both pierced and clip-on), memorizing her montra, and wearing a ponytail everywhere I went.  When Halloween came around, I was anxious to wear her entire outfit.

Thanks to my mom’s hard work, the picture above depicts Janet and myself kneeling to our queen, Princess Serenity/Amitie (October 1995).  We may look a little silly, but I think our love for the show is evident.

Thanks for all the fond memories, Sailor Moon.

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