Lose Fat 4 Fanime

Thursday, 19 November 2009, 18:00 | Author : Kricket
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Anime characters are often portrayed as being physically attractive (i.e. young and thin).  This makes for beautiful art and great fantasies, but if our ultimate goal is to imitate the appearance of these characters, then I want to feel attractive too!  Although we all want to feel good about our bodies, few people are proactive when it comes to their health.  It takes conscious effort and consistent schedules to maintain your ideal weight.  As such, I would like to motivate you to become more health-conscious.  This means being aware of what you are eating and how often you get outside during this chilly winter season.

Short term goal: Do not gain weight over the holidays.

Long term goal: Develop a toned body for anime conventions.

Four simple tips:

  • Lower food-intake. Don’t eat everything at Thanksgiving; just your favorites.
  • Keep active. Get up from the couch and go walking.  And take your dog.
  • Utilize science. Be sure to turn on your DDR or your Wii-fit.  I know you have one!
  • Buy weights. I enjoy using ankle weights and 5lb dumbbells to enhance my workout.
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