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Thursday, 4 March 2010, 10:00 | Author : Janet
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This week reveals another professional cosplayer named Katie Bair.  Although I have never had the opportunity to see her cosplay outfits, she is revered within the cosplay community.  She has invested herself in a diverse range of businesses, including cosplay wigs, ball-jointed dolls, and manga books, effectively creating a niche for herself as a successful cosplay entrepreneur.  [These products are available online at katiebair.com.]

Her business model, similar to other cosplay franchises, depends upon specialization.  For Katie Bair, that happens to be cosplay wigs.  Although her cosplay career began as a hobby, she is now the most sought-after cosplay wig specialist.  Through her website, pettingzoowigs.com, she is often booked months in advance for commission work and her wigs usually sell for $50 to $400 dollars.

I am a little surprised that I have only seen Katie Bair at the local SacAnime convention.  Although It is a relatively small convention, she attends every year to teach the art of cosplay to the local community.  During one of her presentations, she revealed a hand-crafted staff made with styrene sheets, fiberglass, and an LED flashlight.  It was astonishing to see what this young woman can accomplish!

Her current endeavors include writing a cosplay book, The World of Wigcraft, of which I have already ordered a copy.  Although this book will illuminate the process of handling and styling wigs, I would also be excited to learn her techniques for costume and prop construction..  For I know that of her many talents, wig crafting is but one of many.

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