Imitating Chibi Form

Wednesday, 23 September 2009, 22:30 | Author : Janet
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I recently realized that I don’t often see “chibi” cosplayers at anime conventions.  Chibi in Japanese means “little”, but in anime it describes an art form distinguishable by large heads and short bodies.  They are often portrayed as child-like representations of adult anime characters.  With so many anime enthusiasts, it is simply a matter of time before someone decides to imitate chibi characters.  However, the thought of building an over-sized head might deter even the most skilled cosplayers.

Instead of discussing the specifics of how to build an adult chibi costume, I wanted to discuss the potential for involving young children in cosplay.  With their short stature, under-developed heads, and innate cuteness, children seem built for the part.  As veteran cosplayers grow into adulthood and become parents, we will soon experience a new generation of young cosplayers.  The time may be coming to teach these children about the cosplay culture.  It also might be a fun experience, as long as they get plenty of rest and spend lots of time with their family.  And remember: even though your children won’t understand the work and time that went into the costume, fellow cosplayers will be drawn to their energy, charisma, and cuteness.

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