Imitating Anime Eyes

Thursday, 21 January 2010, 15:00 | Author : Kricket
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In an effort expand my knowledge of makeup, I have been reading How to Cosplay: Transformation and Special Effects Makeup.  Although this book has beautiful pictures, I hesitate to recommend it simply because it was written for Japanese audiences and tends to only address Asian physical characteristics.  Yet there is one technique, in particular, that is relevant to the entire cosplay population:  The appearance of anime eyes.

Graphic-sha’s makeup technique immediately caught my attention, as I’m sure it has caught yours.  Their book addresses an important, but often ignored, physical attribute of anime characters: their elongated eyes.  By penciling an extension of the iris and conjunctiva and applying some fake eyelashes, the cosplayer has attempted to enlarge the human eye.  Such an extreme modification is best admired from afar (otherwise you will still be able to see the cosplayer’s natural eyelashes), but could be effectively utilized in photo shoots and masquerade.

Similarly, Michelle Phan’s tutorial on “anime eyes” teaches a subtle technique for enlarging human eyes.  This technique is most applicable for interactive cosplay situations.   Although both techniques require white eyeliner and fake eyelashes, it is up to you to decide which technique will best compliment your cosplay style.

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