Heavyweight Fabrics

Thursday, 16 December 2010, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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This post will introduce you to the most common heavy weight fabrics.  Each fabric has different characteristics which determine the look and maneuverability of the fabric.  You can find detailed advise on how to cut and sew a specific fabric (including what size needle and presser foot to use) by checking out Sandra Betzina’s More Fabric Savvy and Claire Shaeffer’s Sew Any Fabric.

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content: 100% wool

difficulty: easy

cosplay uses: Heavy coats (such as the school uniforms in Harry Potter).

construction notes: Wool can be quite scratchy, but it is wrinkle resistant, repels water, and can be shaped with steam.



content: 100% cotton

difficulty: moderate

cosplay uses: It’s stiffness makes it useful as light armor, or as a stiffening liner.

construction notes: It’s stiffness makes it less versatile than other fabrics and will require a sharp needle when machine sewing



content: plastic

difficulty: hard

cosplay uses: Great for sturdy reflective surfaces such as sheaths, armor, and boot covers.

construction notes: Although this fabric can be stitched, it leaves permanent holes and can damage your home sewing machine.  We recommend using thermal suede as an alternative for heavily contoured patterns.

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