Getting Started: Expensive Tools

Thursday, 22 July 2010, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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As promised, we will now reveal the most luxurious sewing tools for those of you who would would like to take this hobby to the next level.  Through the acquisition of these items, you will transform your sewing area into a professional workspace.  Due to the size of these items, we recommend that you designate a permanent location that will be easily accessible.

Cutting Board
Market Price $75

It is always nice to have a flat surface on which to cut fabric and draw lines.  This portable “workspace” allows you to work on any carpet without cutting into the floor.  I personally own a cutting board that is 32″ X 55″ – the largest size available.

Hand-Held Steamer
Market Price $35

While completely unnecessary (assuming you own an iron and ironing board), this portable steamer allows you to remove wrinkles from garments without having to lay them onto a flat surface.  A cheaper alternative would be to purchase Downy “Wrinkle Releaser”; however, the results will be radically different.

Market Price $140

Back in the day, I used to make Amitie stand for hours while I draped fabric around her shoulders and hand-drew my own patterns.  She was very patient; however, it takes a very dedicated friend to stand still for very long periods of time.  Thankfully, mannequins exist solely to stand and have fabric wrapped around them.  I’d recommend purchasing an adjustable mannequin so that you can create costumes for various-sized people.

Market Price $230-350

Professional sewing shops usually have at least two sergers on hand.  Although similar to a sewing machine, this machine uses four spools of thread simultaneously to keep your raw edges from fraying (a stitch that is commonly seen in commercial clothing).   If you do not currently have the money to purchase this machine, you can always use pinking sheers (scissors) to greatly reduce the fraying of your fabric.

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