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Thursday, 9 June 2011, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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Several conventions, including FanimeCon, have dubbed this convention season “The Summer of Steampunk”.  Perhaps FanimeCon felt guilty about last year’s canceled steampunk panel or perhaps they wanted to attract new con attendees.  Either way, I can certainly understand the artistic interest in such a decision.  But I would like to point out that the Steampunk fandom does have their own venues at which they can be more appropriately represented.  (Coincidently, KublaCon, a boardgame convention that coincided with Memorial Day Weekend, also chose a steampunk theme this year.)  That being said, we would like to congratulate FanimeCon for fully embracing their decision to go steampunk and offering six steampunk-themed panels:  Undressing Sherlock;  Steampunk Costuming: How-to;  Steampunk Props Demo, Show and Q&A;  Steampunk in Anime;  Steampunk Fashion Show and Costume Contest;   Meet and Greet the Steam Federation.

For the first time ever, FanimeCon also hosted Cosplay Gathering Room which was essentially a cosplay hangout.  Not only did they provide tables and chairs for lounging, they also had various repair stations to meet many of your cosplay needs.  I was disappointed to see a lack of wig-repair items.  If you’ve ever worn a long wig, you will know just how often you will need to brush it and how little things like bobbypins can save a costume.  When we visited, they seemed to have low attendance, probably due to the fact that this was their first appearance at Fanime and because they were situated in the Hilton hotel.  However, the concept is good and if they improve upon their marketing (possibly calling it a Cosplay Hangout Room), I have no doubt it could become incredibly popular with the cosplay community.

Also of note, one of the most popular anime shows this year – “Magical Girl Madoka Magica” – coincided with Ludovico’s anime recommendations!  Not only was it a favorite of FanimeCon staff (the marathon room had two full viewings during the weekend), but also by con attendees.  Artist Alley offered new fan art based on the series and many cosplayers chose to wear the gray school uniforms of the main characters.  Another unexpected cosplay choice was the demons with the orange horns going around the convention center.  For those of us out of the loop, this was an homage to the obscure webcomic, MS Paint Adventures – Homestuck.

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