Fall 2010 Anime Recommendations

Friday, 22 October 2010, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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With this latest batch of anime previews, we celebrate our first full year of Anime Recommendations!  Four seasons, twelve shows, and lots of quality!

Of note this season is an abundance of sequel series.  Most shows last only a single season, since they’re generally based on a pre-existing manga storyline.  The original season attempts to retell the original manga story, and when it’s over, there’s nothing left to cover (excluding the original Full Metal Alchemist).  This fall, ten different shows return with more episodes for anyone who enjoyed the earlier seasons.  Here’s a listing for convenience:

A Certain Magical Index (season three, if you count ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’)
Arakawa Under the Bridge (previously highlighted on this site)
Battle Spirits
Pokemon (barely counts – Pokemon is still a huge ongoing franchise)
Sora no Otoshimono
Super Robot Taisen (another ongoing franchise)
Tegami Bachi
To Love Ru
Yumeiro Patissiere

These shows are never considered for recommendation.  Anyone who didn’t enjoy the first season is unlikely to change their mind, and people who did enjoy the first season hardly need our recommendation.  With only three shows recommended per season, we’re going to focus only on the newest series.

Finally, a brief followup on a show we highlighted in February: Durarara!!

Having now watched the series to completion, I have to recommend it once again.  All the various characters interconnect in compelling ways, and even the simplest characters have more going on than first appears.  The headless rider is particularly interesting, as both the most supernatural individual in the series, and arguably the most humanized.  The ending feels incomplete, and I’m still hoping they’ll announce a second season this upcoming year, but the story is an interesting tale of friendship, community and conflict.  Two thumbs up!

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