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Thursday, 24 March 2011, 8:00 | Author : Janet
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Every so often, Japanese animators ignore all the rules when it comes to female anatomy.  They create characters that have inhumanly large breasts (especially compared to their waist size) that bounce and jiggle from the slightest movement, whilst the air-headed female is too naive to realize just how appealing men find her body.  Now, whether or not you are going to help perpetuate this male-oriented fantasy by watching shows such as these, is entirely up to you.  I’m only here to help you pull off a really amazing cosplay.

While we acknowledge that there are many ways to enhance your natural breasts and increase them about two cup sizes, this tutorial is intended to take you a step beyond that. We designed and created an “enhanced” chest and filled it with candle gel-wax to simulate realistic, jiggly breasts at an affordable price.  Following the successful completion of this project, we have decided to share the technique with our fellow cosplayers.  Now you can easily make this “enhanced” chest at home, using our printable pattern.

What You Will Need:

• 72 oz Candle “Gel Wax”
• 1 yd Blackout Lining
• Separating Zipper
Reusable Melting Pot
• Disposable Wooden Spoon
Disposable Funnel Set


Purchasing the Pattern



We’ll send you the electronic version of this pattern for only 1.99!! Printable on 8.5 x 11″ paper, we’ve made this pattern easy to assemble with clear and concise directions.

What Type of Filler to Use

We chose Gel Wax due to it’s jiggly attributes, however, we want to acknowledge some of the flaws with this product.  The first being that we do not know if the gel wax will melt in direct sunlight on a hot summer day.  Secondly, the fabric requires an additional spray sealant to keep the wax from seeping through the weave.  Alternatively, you may choose to fill the bra with bird seed or with weightless bean bag pellets.

Instructions for Assembling Our “Bra”

Before cutting your fabric, lay the pattern pieces across your body.  Pin the Side Front pieces to the Center Front and check that the seam line runs through the center of each breast.  This may take some adjustment and/or rescaling. Likewise, if the neckline is too high or the seam lines do not extend far enough, take note of the necessary alterations.
Once you are satisfied with the preliminary fitting, you are ready to cut out your fabric pieces.  The material we recommend is blackout lining due to its soft texture and vinyl coating (which is intended to resist wax leakage).
Remember: Vinyl is very unforgiving and each punch of the needle is a permanent mark. If your stitches are too short, the fabric will become perforated and rip apart, however, if the stitches are too long, it may not hold in the wax as intended.
Stitch the Side Front pieces onto the Center Front.
Stitch the zipper into the center back seam.  If your zipper is too long, allow the excess to be at the top of the garment
Unzip the zipper and attach the two Back pieces to the Side Front panels.  Now that the undershirt is assembled, be sure to try it on and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding.
Gather the remaining Inner and Outer Enhanced Breast pieces.  To begin, stitch all of the darts closed.  Next, stitch the Inner and Outer pieces together, using the alignment markings as guides.
Position the breasts onto the undershirt to create the desired affect.  Typically, this will be with the two inside edges touching or even over-lapping for very full breasts.  Stitch breasts in place, leaving an opening at the top with enough room to fit the funnel.  
(GEL WAX OPTION) Heat the gel wax in a disposable pot until liquified, typically 220°F.  Stir constantly with a disposable wooden spoon.  Do not exceed 260°F when heating your gel. Take it off the burner and wait to pour until the gel reaches 170-180°F. USE EXTREME CAUTION, WAX WILL BE HOT.
(GEL WAX OPTION) We recommend strapping your bra onto a mannequin form when pouring to avoid any accidental and serious burns.  Using the funnel, pour the gel quickly to maintain viscosity.  After each pouring wait 30-60 minutes for the gel to cool and set. 
Once you have filled your bra up to the mouth of the opening, it is time to hand-sew the pocket closed.  You may also have to make alterations to compensate for the additional weight your bra is now bearing.



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