Displaying a Bare Chest

Thursday, 3 March 2011, 8:00 | Author : Kricket
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It is common knowledge that females must bind their chest to achieve a convincing crossplay, but it is an illusion that depends quite strongly on the modesty of the costume and one’s ability to hide the bindings.  However, it is possible to wear more “revealing” costumes by manipulating the muscle and tissue in the chest.  So let’s take binding a step further, using a simple technique, to crossplay a bare chested male.

The only material you will need is athletic tape. Place one strip vertically across the center of each breast. You may use petals (aka pasties) to protect your more sensitive areas. Place another strip horizontally (and also centered) applying pressure as you begin to pull the muscle to the side of your body.

Continue to place two more perpendicular strips, applying pressure and being careful not to extend tape into the area of skin to be displayed.

Note: This method is recommended for people with smaller breasts (size A, B, or C).

It is important that you test this technique before using it at a convention. Not only do you need to monitor your skin’s reaction to the athletic tape, but you may find this method unbearable for long periods of time. My own experience with athletic tape resulted in an uncomfortable tightness between my breasts, causing shortness of breath and inducing dry skin.

I  would also like to remind you that you are still bound by societal constraints. People will still get freaked out if they happen to glance at your breasts underneath your costume, despite the amount of tape you may put on your chest. We recommend that you securely attach your costume to your skin using double-sided tape before you decide to take a stroll  around the convention center.

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