Cosplay Tutorials

Many cosplayers struggle with the basics of cosplay because they don’t have access to community resources. To address this need, we have written cosplay tutorials to teach you about various products and techniques that can dramatically improve your costume. If you have suggestions for new topics, please email Kricket.

Selecting your Fabric

Introduction to Fabrics
Lightweight Fabrics
Mediumweight Fabrics
Heavyweight Fabrics
Fabric Dying Products
Fabric Designs with Batik Wax
Planning for Sales Events

Learning to Sew

Purchasing a Sewing Machine
Getting Started: Beginner Tools
Getting Started: Intermediate Tools
Getting Started: Expensive Tools
Hand-Sewing Techniques
Understanding Patterns

Props and Accessories

Working with PVC Pipe
Shaping Pink Insulation Foam
Building Feathered Wings
Creating Lightweight Armor
Safety Considerations for Gun Props
Making Realistic Gun Props
Designing and Molding Jewels
Purchasing Cosplay Shoes

Wearing Wigs

Getting Started: Wig Supplies
Why Should You Wear a Wig?
Purchasing Quality Wigs
Straightening Your Wig
Changing the Color of Your Wig
Combining Two Wigs Into One
Wearing Wig Caps

Special Effects Makeup

Getting Started: Theatrical Makeup
Getting Started: Cosmetic Makeup
Getting Started: Adhesives and Removers
Airbrushing Makeup: Part 1
Airbrushing Makeup: Part 2
Enlarging the Eyes
Lengthening the Eyes
Realistic Elf Ears
Bleeding Skin Wounds
Making Realistic Scars
Distressing Costumes with Blood

Crossplay Techniques

Enhancing the Chest
Flattening the Chest
Displaying a Bare Chest
Masculine Makeup for Crossplayers
Feminine Makeup for Crossplayers

Capturing Memories

Quality Pictures Without a Camera
Digitally Enhanced Anime Eyes
Manga-Style Photography
Seasonal Photography: Fall
Seasonal Photography: Winter
Seasonal Photography: Spring
Seasonal Photography: Summer