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Thursday, 30 June 2011, 8:00 | Author : Janet
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About two weeks before FanimeCon, my roommate purchased an anime OVA from a garage sale that he thought would be of particular interest to me.  Cosplay Complex is an anime show about several high school students who promote cosplay through their extracurricular club.  They participate in local cosplay competitions with the ultimate goal of competing in the World Series.  “What a brilliant idea!” I thought to myself.  With such a huge cosplay fan base in America and Japan, why wouldn’t you create an anime show about cosplay?  And why would someone give it away??  That should have been my first hint that this show would inflict nothing but misery upon its viewers.

Although the show is founded on an interesting idea–the competitive and dramatic lives of cosplayers–it provided a poor representation of real cosplay drama.  With a story built around gratuitous “panty” shots and obscure characters, such as a two-foot bunny fairy with no apparent back story, it was literally impossible to take this show seriously.  When they added a young man who constantly surveys and “protects” the girls’ changing room and a  lesbian girl who chases after a shy and reluctant freshman student, this story even borders on creepy.

Although these traits, in and of themselves, do not constitute a bad show, the absence of any back story, action, humor, or character development proclaims this show a shoddy production from the beginning.  In truth, Cosplay Complex is one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched to completion–and it was only three episodes long!

That being said, I wonder why is it so difficult to create a show about cosplay?  Given that cosplay is a direct result of the anime industry, you would think they could create an interesting parody show that highlights popular cosplay outfits, convention culture, and compelling stories based on true cosplay drama (cosplay rivalry, masquerade disasters, obsessed fan boys and girls, etc.).  Having watched the legendary anime convention parody, This is Otakudom, I know this feat is possible, albeit challenging.  Thus, I ask you, would it really be so difficult for a team of producers to write a show about cosplayers who love anime?  I certainly hope that, in the next few years, we might see more dramatized versions of Cosplay Complex, without the asinine and tedium.

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