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As you are packing up your bags and planning your upcoming cosplay appearance, you should take a moment to make sure you’re bringing the right makeup supplies – many of which fall into the category of cosmetic makeup.  Although you will probably bring your favorite name brand foundation and powder and perhaps whatever eyeliner you have lying around, there are other useful products you should consider purchasing.  We have asked Jez Barraza–a professional makeup artist who has shopped around at local drug stores and department stores–to bring us her recommended list of products that should be included in your cosplay-makeup arsenal.


By storing your makeup in an organized bag, you can keep your make-up together in one easily accessible place.  Plus, the risks of forgetting, misplacing, marking, spilling, or powdering any of your costumes is highly unlikely. The best priced bags that I have found are at Sephora. Plus I love that they are cost effective with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


The best products are the ones that combine both.  I use Clinique Superbalanced Powder Foundation because it gives you light full coverage with moisturizer and sunscreen that you need for inside and outside photos.   It has a swivel top to control the amount of product that comes out while keeping the rest of your product from too much exposure to the air (which can cause contamination or dry out) and has a mirror and applicator included.  It costs about twenty dollars, but it’s very natural and easy to use.  I love mine.


Have you never used a bronzer before?  Well, this product works wonders if you want to look like you have sun-kissed skin without using the “fake and bake” tanning salons, spray-on, or lotion.  The best part is that a little bronzer goes a long way and you can control the intensity with each application.  Plus, it’s a good way to intentionally add shadowed contours  to your face in place of Ben Nye Character Shadow.  Just remember that bronzers come with mixed colors on their palette, so pick one that has a tone close to yours, then go a shade darker.  Spend time really looking at the selections they have at your local drug store, because it will give you the opportunity t o experiment with different brands at an affordable price.


This is a good starter eye pencil for basic cosplay makeup.  It gives you a straight edge line to accent your lashes with a natural look that is easy to control and it comes with a smudge tip at the top of the stick which is used to create a smokey eye.  The benefit of working with a pencil is that mistakes are easily forgiven, allowing you to manipulate the color intensity to achieve the desired effect.  Although it’s size makes it very portable, it should not just be carried by the ladies.  If any guys are looking for an eyeliner for cosplay, you should give this one a try.  This liner is affordable and comes in various colors that sharpen with ease.  Basically, it can get the job done on a dime and can be applied or re-applied anytime.


Any waterproof all-day cream liner is the best kind of liner because you can control how heavy or how light you want to apply the liner to properly enhance your eyes.  You won’t need to reapply it because it won’t sweat off or rub off.  Not to mention, at the end of the night when you’re ready to head to the ballroom to get your dance on, you will still look fabulous. HIP cream liner’s come in a variety of colors and Sephora brand liners (pencil, retractable, or palette) are also good options.


Maybelline’s Line Stiletto is a basic liquid eye liner that you can use for strong lines with dramatic effect.  Just remember that liquid liner cannot create a smokey eye effect.  It is intended for a harder line such as a sharp cat eye orcorner wing extending past the end of the eyelid.  What I like about this product is that the handle is large enough to steadily grip while controlling the precise amount of application desired on the lash line.


This is the topping to your eye make-up because it give your eyes that extra punch that you need to complete that doe wide-eyed look. Just coat the corner of your lashes with a black brown color or black tinted mascara  and it will definitely widen your eyes and help you look amazing.  I have found several great brands including Maybelline 16hr mascara, Max Factor, Two Faced, and Botanicals – you will need to experiment to see what works for you and the cosplay character you are wanting to portray.


Cover sticks are used to balance the colors in your face and create the appearance of an even skin-tone.  To take full advantage of cover sticks, you must learn how to blend the color back into your natural skin.  You can use your fingers for faster application and easy blending.  If you  naturally have dark circles under your eyes, use the yellow corrective stick to neutralize your skin tone and make you appear more awake.  Now if you have red dots or blotches on your skin, then use a green corrective stick to hide the redness.  Make sure you use it anywhere your skin is uneven before adding foundation, cover-up, or powder and then say “goodbye” to the redness.


A tinted lip balm will help accentuate those pouty lips, in addition to keeping them moisturized and supple so that you can avoid licking your lips.  By applying a sheer sheen, you can bring out the natural tones without applying the heavy pigmentation of lipstick.  (If the coloring is still too subtle for you, you can upgrade to lip gloss with extra color pigment.)  Burt’s Bee’s has a great line to choose from and well as Blistex lip balms.  Just make sure it says tinted before you buy it.


All Nighter is a setting spray and is quite similar to Final Seal, used in theatrical makeup, except it is made specifically for daily makeup wear and is estimated to last 16 hours from application.  It’s available online and I can only speculate that, as its popularity increases, it will eventually be carried in stores like Sephora.

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The secret to cosmetic makeup is to have fun with these products and experiment!  The more you use them, the more you will learn how best to use them.  Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend who’s good at color selection or just as a second pair of eyes to help mix and match colors.

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