Anime Synopsis: Shiki

Thursday, 5 August 2010, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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This one goes out to all the Twilight fans in the audience.  Three corpses are discovered in a remote mountain village and the authorities blame wild animals, but of course the truth isn’t so mundane.  Meanwhile, schoolgirl Megumi is sick of country life, and yearns to move to the city.  She finds herself drawn to the huge European-style manor on the edge of town, home of the odd newcomers, the Kirishiki family.  When Megumi’s family realizes she’s gone missing, they organize a search party and eventually find her collapsed in the woods, weakened and traumatized by what she encountered at the Kirishiki home.

Indeed, vampires are on the loose in a quaint isolated town, and though there may be a general lack of Twilight-style romantic obsession here, there’s certainly a creepy gothic vibe in the air.  The show quickly introduces a huge cast of townspeople, reminiscent of a closed circle murder mystery.  Perhaps this is just to give the vampires a large roster of victims, but maybe there’s something deeper going on here.  (The first deaths are discovered three days before the Kirishiki family arrives in town, so perhaps they’re innocent?)  The first episode focuses almost exclusively on Megumi, even though her specific tale is just a small piece in a larger story – one that’s not quite horror and not quite mystery, but has the potential to incorporate both.

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