Anime Synopsis – Rinne no Lagrange

Thursday, 1 March 2012, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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The energetic Madoka is the president and only member of the Sweats Club, dedicated to involvement with practically every other club’s activities.  Finally, a new prospective member appears, but she’s a bit odd.  She dresses in an strange uniform, talks about mission, displays no emotion and of course convinces Madoka to go pilot a jet-like mecha, just in time to fend off a sudden alien attack.

It’s really a pretty standard mecha show with all the shadowy organizations, hidden pasts and baffling physics that go along with the genre.   It’s a well-made one though, really hinging on the enthusiastic Madoka.  Somehow it’s a natural progression for her to go from helping with the film club to practicing her wrestling moves against giant robots.  Her (simpleminded) enthusiasm is infectious and makes the whole thing much more enjoyable than it would otherwise be.  I certainly don’t expect this to become dark and compelling like Eva or Rahxephon, but for lighter mecha fare, it’s promising.

(Side note – Anime already has a Madoka.  That name should be off limits for at least another couple years.)

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