Anime Synopsis: Occult Academy

Thursday, 29 July 2010, 8:01 | Author : Ludovico
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Maya is not amused.  Her estranged father has just passed away, leaving behind his life’s work – a mountaintop academy devoted to the study of the occult and supernatural phenomenon, all of which Maya hates utterly.  At his funeral, a recording of the deceased principal accidentally summons a spirit to possess his corpse, and Maya is forced to rally some students to fight her own resurrected father, all the while stubbornly insisting that there’s no such thing as supernatural forces.  Then just as she vanquishes the spirit, the skies open wide with a pillar of light, and a timetraveler arrives on a mission to prevent calamity.  No indeed, she is not amused at all.

While the premise of the show is entertaining, and the production values are high, the real strength of the show rests on Maya.  Truly a compelling character, she’s not blind to the supernatural forces around her, and secretly accepts them as truth, while loudly decrying it all as rubbish.  She’s the type of character that would be an villain in most shows – unfriendly, cold and condescending, but she also possesses an inner strength that’s compelling.  She’s abrasive without being unlikeable, and heroic without being admirable, and her presence turns an otherwise amusing show into a standout success.

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