Anime Synopsis – Mirai Nikki

Thursday, 17 November 2011, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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Yukiteru Amano is a young man who shuts himself off from reality, escaping to the pages of his observational diary as well as to his own imaginary land where the God of Time and Space resides.  It’s an isolated lifestyle, but Yuki is alright with it, until the god proves himself to be quite real after all, gifting Yuki with a incredibly upgrade to his diary that lets him foresee the future.  Yuki is ready to take full advantage of this strange new power, but things aren’t ever so simple.  There’s eleven other people with their own time diaries and the God of Time and Space has started a sinister game, wherein all the diary owners must fight to the death for the right to ascend to godhood.  Now Yuki’s life is resting on his own ingenuity to make the best use of his future-sight, as well as on the support of Yuno, a possibly insane girl from his class with her own time diary.

Mirai Nikki offers a complicated conundrum.  There are some fundamental similarities to shows like Death Note and Eden of the East, but there’s also a key weakness here that the other shows don’t share.  There’s no real question how this is going to end, because Yuki is clearly being set up as the winner and the rules are non-ambiguous, making the ten opponents seem somewhat like time-filler.  The only complication is his classmate, Yuno.  Like in Battle Royale, we’ve been handed two primary protagonists with the ultimatum that only one will live.  How Mirai Nikki deals with this aspect of the story will likely be the criteria on which it is ultimately judged, but until then it still has an interesting premise and the potential for some good mind games and clever trickery.  The time diaries are a clever concept.  Let’s just hope that the writers make full use of them.

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