Anime Synopsis: Level E

Thursday, 3 February 2011, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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It’s an exciting time in Yukitaka’s life.  He’s just been drafted into a high school baseball team and moved to the countryside to live on his own.  So it’s all rather inconvenient when he finds a strange blond-haired man already living in his new apartment, calling himself an alien.  This ‘Prince’ proves impossible to get rid of and his story is validated by the news of a crashed UFO discovered in the nearby woods.  Now the government is hunting the alien down and Yukitaka has no choice but to help.

This whole show has a strong “Men in Black” feel to it.  Supposedly, aliens have been secretly living among us for decades, with humans none the wiser.  It’s a bit of a trope in western media, but surprisingly unique in anime, where normally every alien character is followed by giant monsters and magical battles.  Additionally, the Prince proves to be a highly entertaining character, always bullying his way around situations without any concept of proper social behavior.  The comedy takes center stage over any drama or action – mostly a dry humor focusing on Yukitaka’s ongoing frustrations and the Prince’s bullheadedness.  Highly recommended if you’re tired of the standard anime cliches.

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