Anime Synopsis – Inu x Boku SS

Thursday, 16 February 2012, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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Some girls want constant attention, and some girls just want to be left alone.  Ririchiyo of the wealthy Shirakiin family is very much the latter and not at all the former.  So when she moves into an upscale condo building, she’s dismayed to find that she’s been assigned a full-time bodyguard and attendant.  Soushi is a completely loyal, selfless and thoughtful companion, but Ririchiyo wants nothing of the sort.  Now his duty becomes to convince the sullen Ririchiyo to accept his help.

Oh, and they’re both secret half-monsters!

As a character, Soushi is clearly designed to the longstanding shoujo ideals of romantic manliness.  He’s an effeminately good-looking guy with absolutely no thoughts of self-interest, no wants or desires apart from simply serving Ririchiyo.  He’s pretty shallow as a character, but as a parody of the genre, it’s pretty great.  Of course, what really turns the situation on its head is her thorough rejection of such an ‘ideal’ companion.  The yokai twist doesn’t really fundamentally change the story, but it provides just a few more story hooks on what otherwise might become a somewhat stale cast, and also offers a little more explanation for why the characters act the way they do (Soushi is actually more believable as a nine-tailed dog spirit than he would be as a human).  Where does the story goes from here?  Probably into normal shoujo territory, but with a rather unique angle.

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