Anime Synopsis: House of Five Leaves

Thursday, 29 April 2010, 12:00 | Author : Ludovico
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Akitsu and Yaichi are two men who have run into some difficulties with their jobs.  Akitsu is a wandering samurai who is too timid for the bodyguard work he’s trying to get, and Yaichi is a kidnapper in need of some extra muscle.  When Akitsu learns of his potential employer’s specialty, he tries to get out, but Yaichi sees promise in the awkward ronin and won’t let him go so easily.  As Yaichi continues working to recruit him, Akitsu comes to realize there’s more to this roguish character than first meets the eye.

Let’s just get this out of the way first: the art style in this show can take some getting used to.  The oversized mouths, jutting noses and pupil-dominated eyes stray far from normal anime stylings.  And yet it works quite well in portraying a world in which the people are more awkward than idealized.  In a way, it makes the characters feel more like real people – a vital accomplishment in what is likely to be a laidback character-focused show.  Akitsu and Yaichi are both interesting and believable characters, and while the pacing is a bit slow, the premise is set for some interesting stories with this band of thieves.

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