Anime Synopsis – Guilty Crown

Thursday, 8 December 2011, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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After a massive pandemic, Japan turned to the United Nations for assistance.  Ten years later, Japan is an occupied country, with the UN’s GHQ troops enforcing martial law.  Shu, a normal highschooler, ends up on their bad side when he stumbles upon Inori, a pop idol who’s on the run from the GHQ with a pilfered vial.  When Inori gets dragged off, the responsibility of delivering the vial falls to Shu.  He brings it to the intended recipient, a resistance leader named Gai, but GHQ troops attack before he can hand it off.  In the midst of the battle, Shu finds Inori and the vial shatters, bestowing strange powers upon him.  Without really understanding how, Shu draws a sword from Inori’s chest and takes on the GHQ mecha singlehandedly.

For as much praise as I give out in these synopses, it’s rare for me to be truly impressed by a show.  Interested?  Amused?  Sure, these happen a lot.  Truly impressed?  Not so much.  Guilty Crown is the first show I’ve reviewed here that just completely blew me away in the first three minutes.  It all begins with an exciting escape attempt by Inori from a military facility, seamlessly interjected with scenes from her music video, with sharp cinematography and a melancholic but epic tune.  It’s a very cool sequence that takes full advantage of the medium.  The rest of the episode was solid, even though the ending came completely out of nowhere (crazy body-sword powers?), and there was some blatant fan service on display with Inori’s immodest outfit.  Still, if the directorial skill evidenced in the first few minutes is any indication, I expect great things from this show.

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