Anime Synopsis: Fractale

Thursday, 27 January 2011, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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The young boy Clain lives on a scenic grassy island, effectively by himself.  Humans have mostly moved off to the cities, leaving the country populated by Doppels – virtual projections of themselves, each with a unique and bizarre appearance.  Life is carefree due to the management of the mysterious Fractale system.  When Clain witnesses a girl being chased by an zeppelin and crashing in the cliffs, he brings her back to his apartment.  She’s a little odd and is confused by the Doppels and the Fractale system, but when she leaves, she gifts him a gem and a special guest…

Hayao Miyazaki wasn’t involved in this show, but he should have been.  It’s overflowing with Studio Ghibli stylings.  The strong female protagonist (though not the lead), a simple clean visual style, and a fascination with flight are the obvious ones.  There are similarities also to the classic anime, Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water.  It all adds up to a series that feels very familiar and appealing right from the start and if it continues to draw from those influences, it should be well worth watching.

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