Anime Synopsis: Baka to Test to Shokanju

Thursday, 4 February 2010, 10:30 | Author : Ludovico
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English Title: Idiots and Tests and Summoned Beings

At Fumizuki Academy, all students are placed in a hierarchical system based on their grades. The best-scoring students attend the luxurious class 2-A, while the worst students spend their time in 2-F, a rundown room full of broken furniture and low expectations. The only way the students can progress upward through this harsh caste system is by defeating other classes using holographic battle avatars powered by their test scores. When Yoshii and his friends fail their initial placement test and find themselves at the bottom of the social ladder, they decide to battle their way straight up to 2-A!

Baka to Test to Shokanju is not a great show by practically any definition. The entire concept of students taking tests in order to empower chibi holograms and fight for better teaching conditions surely ranks among the most nonsensical premises ever concocted for television. Luckily, the show recognizes this fact, and indeed revels in the silliness of it all. Its strength is certainly not in its plot, but in the amusing concept and constant gags. Add in an interesting visual style (you’ve never seen so many polka dots) and some overly dramatic warfare between the classes, and you get a show that’s fundamentally entertaining despite its narrative flaws.

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