Anime Synopsis: Arakawa Under the Bridge

Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 12:15 | Author : Ludovico
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As a promising corporate heir, Ichiyamina Kou has never taken any help from anyone his entire life.  His parents taught him from infancy to never accept a debt, and he lives strictly according to that principle.  So when a young homeless woman saves him from drowning in a freak accident, he resolves to pay her back immediately in any manner she desires.  Too bad for him that she turns down all his offers of wealth, with a simple request – “Fall in love with me.”  She doesn’t help matters by claiming to be a Venusian alien either.  Now he is stuck living with this bizarre, forgetful, possibly insane woman until he can manage to fulfill his debt to her.

Arakawa Under the Bridge is a show about exactly one thing – absurdist humor.  From Kou’s bizarre childhood to the strange kappa ruling over the river, everything is played for laughs.  There’s not a lot of complexity or logic to the characters, but the laughs are consistent enough that you probably won’t care.  On the other hand, the artwork doesn’t ever impress.  The camera tends to be set far away, leaving the characters as tiny undetailed figures against the pastel backdrop, and the animation quality is inconsistent.  Regardless, if you enjoy zany humor, this show is absolutely worth your time.

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