Anime Synopsis: Ao no Exorcist

Thursday, 12 May 2011, 8:00 | Author : Ludovico
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English Title: Blue Exorcist

Rin, the son of a preacher, just doesn’t compare favorably to his prodigy brother Yukio.   As Yukio prepares to head off to a prestigious medicine school, Rin struggles to hold a supermarket job and keeps getting into fights with local punks.  When a young girl shows up at his church complaining of demonic torment, Rin can’t take her seriously.  He regards his father’s talk of exorcists as superstitious nonsense, until he suddenly develops the ability to see the numerous spiritual entities infesting the world.  After Rin gets attacked by a demon, his father finally reveals the truth – Rin is actually a son of Satan, raised by an exorcist in order to protect him from the grasp of the lord of demons.

If there’s one show I expect to be big this season, Ao no Exorcist is it.  It has a compelling premise, a strong visual style, both comedy and action, with a shonen feel.  At first brush, it feels like it’s aiming for the middle ground somewhere between Soul Eater and Bleach, as an interesting action show with strong characters, appealing art and supernatural combat.  Rin is in some ways the stereotypical shonen hero, full of bluster but low on wits, but his interactions with his preacher father and brother displays a depth of character usually not seen in these shows.  All in all, I give this a strong recommendation for any shonen fan.

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