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Thursday, 17 February 2011, 8:00 | Author : Janet
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Ratgirl Productions and Kricket Costumes would like to invite you to participate in “Anime Con of the Dead,” a Highschool of the Dead themed convention invasion on Saturday May 28, 2011 from 6:00pm-11:00pm.

What is Highschool of the Dead?

It’s a manga series that follows a group of high school students caught in the middle of what is essentially a zombie apocalypse, and trying their best to survive! This series was released to Japan as an anime in 2010, and it has already been slated for a spring special in 2011. The response from this over-the-top show has been enormous and many fans have surfaced all around the world. Being fans ourselves, as well as cosplayers, we want to bring this phenomena to one of the largest anime conventions in Northern California; FanimeCon 2011!

Interested in joining? If so, read on:

We already have assembled a group of main characters, but we need a mass horde of zombies–referred to simply as “The Dead”–to help us create an apocalyptic event! To participate, you should purchase a civilian outfit (normal clothes) and make sure it is bloodied and maimed before this event. If you plan on shuffling in as a Dead high school student from the anime series, we recommend you purchase costumes from these websites: [Ebay] [Salemanb2b] [Salemanb2b]

After the invasion, be prepared for zombie-themed board games and a raffle for some cool prizes!! In order to be eligible for the raffle, it is important that you RSVP using the form below and bring a printed copy of your RSVP confirmation email with you to the event. You can also RSVP by sending an email to or with your full name, email address, and RSVP response. We will only use this information to send you updates and reminders about the event. In the subject line, please write “Anime Con of the Dead 2011.”

Here is the schedule for Anime Con of the Dead:

6:00pm – Meet in the Winchester Room (1st floor) of the Hilton.  Kricket will apply zombie makeup (free of charge). Once you become one of the Dead, you will then be assigned to “Training of the Dead” where you will learn just how this breed of zombie functions! Making it believable is part of the fun.

7:30pm – We will continue Training of the Dead and also go over safety rules with everyone. Finally, make sure you have a working watch with you, because we will be synchronizing the invasion at this point. Let’s get ready to invade…

8:00pm – We will spread throughout the lower level of the convention center and slowly climb to the upper levels to start the invasion. It’s SHOWTIME!

9:30pm – We will regroup for a raffle and zombie-themed board games.

NOTE: You must present a copy of the RSVP confirmation email to receive a ticket in the raffle.

10:30pm – We will announce the winners of the raffle! Several glorious prizes will be awarded. As an extra “thank you,” goodie bags will be given out at this time to everyone who helped make this event happen!

ATTENTION: Online RSVP ended on Wednesday May 25th, 2011!

If you still would like to RSVP, we will be taking first come first serve last minute signups at the Ratgirl Productions table (Table 203) in the Artist Alley at the following times: Friday the 27th from 2pm-8pm and Saturday the 28th from 10:30am-3:30pm! We will also take walk-up RSVPs at the Winchester room as well, but only from 6pm until 6:30pm on Saturday. After our cut off time we will not allow any new registrants due to our preparation schedule.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are UNDER 18 years of age you will need a parent or legal guardian to arrive with you to the event for registration processing and release contract signing.

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